About Claire Seringhaus

(b. 1983, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) 
Current location: Bogotá, Colombia / Toronto, Canada. 

I'm a multi- and interdisciplinary artist. My most recent work focuses on the spoken voice as it relates to performed identity, technology and location. I'm particularly interested in ideas of the voice as a performative tool and a space of transformation, and of the fluidity of culture. I create sound installations, audio pieces, videos, performances, texts, and drawn work. 

In 2012, Canadian publisher Conundrum Press published a collection of my drawn work, titled The Blaring House

I earned a B.A. hons. in Fine Art History from Trinity College at the University of Toronto, and an MFA in Public Art & New Artistic Strategies from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. I also work as a professional translator and editor. 

I have created/displayed work in Canada, the US, Germany, Bosnia, and Colombia.

CONTACT: claire.e.seringhaus@gmail.com