Current location: London, England.

A University of Toronto janitor once asked Claire what she was studying towards. When she told him she was getting a degree in fine art, he laughed in her face.

"Oh, knowledge for the sake of knowledge, huh? Good luck with that,”  he said.

Claire continues to defy that janitor by making literally hundreds of dollars a year as a multidisciplinary artist and performer. 
Claire Haus is an artist, performer and comedian. 

She creates audio pieces, sound installations, videos, performances, texts. She also works in live comedy and theatre, having performed on stages in Toronto, London, Berlin, Chicago, Bogotá, Bremen, Halifax and Sarajevo. Artworks have been shown in Canada, the US, Germany, Bosnia, Argentina and the UK. Drawings have been featured in a variety of publications, from Broken Pencil to Creative Quarterly. In 2012, The Blaring House, a book of Haus's pen and graphite drawings, was published by Canadian publisher Conundrum Press.

Haus earned a B.A. hons. in Art History from Trinity College at the University of Toronto, and an MFA in Public Art & New Artistic Strategies from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. She also works as a professional translator and editor, and occasionally undertakes commissioned illustration projects. 


INSTAGRAM: @claire_haus